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Why We Should Be Worried About Thor After Avengers: Endgame

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What You Missed In Stranger Things Season 3 Ending

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What Everyone Forgot About Thanos And Tony Stark's Relationship

Let’s talk about Tony and Thanos. The two of them shared a really interesting scene together at the climax of Infinity War. It raised certain questions about whether or not the characters had met prior to the encounter. Recently, those questions have received answers.
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[Top 3] DBFZ Best Teams To Destroy Your Opponents

Destroy Your Foes With The Best DBFZ Teams Finding a team that hands "Ls" to your opponent is a thought-provoking process. It takes time and patience, requiring you to find characters that both work well together and embody your play style. Or, you can just slap a bunch of top-tiers on a team and voila: you're a God of Destruction. "And Whis said I couldn't make it onto a winning squad." "You're the one that's gonna die!!!" When two characters are strong enough to carry a team on their own,

Top 5 DBFZ Best Players (2018-2019)

Who Are The Best DBFZ Players? A multitude of your favorite pro players from different backgrounds have been slinging some serious Ki in an effort to grab the title of “Strongest in the Universe.” While this war is nowhere near over, five players have blasted their way to the top and are clearly not coming down without a fight. Shoryuken, the largest FGC website around, currently has them ranked from fifth to first place; they are: We call him Baba Yaga... the boogeyman. To end up top five in

Top 5 DBFZ Best Assists (Most Powerful DBFZ Assists)

Choose The Best DBFZ Assists For More Wins To formulate teams that best compliment you as a player, you’re going to need to spend some time in the lab experimenting with different assists. That being said, this is a fighting game, so, of course, there are going to be characters that are just better than the rest of the cast either overall or in certain aspects. For example, these upcoming five characters have assists that handle more scenarios better than others. Kid Buu’s Arm Ball is by far t

Top 3 DBFZ Best Controllers (Unleash Explosive Combos Easily)

What Are The Best DBFZ Controllers? If DBFZ is your first fighting game (or at least the first one you’re taking seriously), you’ve probably stumbled upon the fact that pro players use all sorts of different controllers. What controller would be best for you, on the other hand, may not be the same as what your favorite pro is using and actually finding a controller can be a bit of a challenge. So, to give you a better understanding of your options, I’m going to go over three different controlle

Top 5 most Tragic Fictional Relationships

Some relationships don’t go the way some would like. They might lose a lover to some horrific event, find a significant other cheating on them, or learn that a crush finds them weird. Some have it worse than others. This list will countdown our top five most tragic fictional relationships. Warning. Spoilers. Carl may have stumbled onto Ellie by coincidence, but ever since, the two have done everything together. The first notable of which was to make a promise to move to a place known as Paradis


There are a lot of things to make sure you have down when you’re trying to date. The most important one, however, is probably the conversation. A good conversation can convince anyone to decide to go on a second date with you, even if you’re not the wealthiest or most attractive thing they’ve laid their eyes on. Making good conversation can be tough for some, though. If you’re shy or introverted, you know your personality doesn’t do well with a lot of talking. Still, there will be times when it

Top 5 Iconic Fictional Relationships

People swoon over celebrity power couples because they represent something, be it negative or positive. You probably don’t care about them, though because you’re too busy trying to find your own lover (insert shameless DragonFruitApp promotion here). You may find prominent fictional relationships, however, to be attention-worthy because they’re practically timeless and awesome. Or maybe you don’t give a damn about those either, and I’m wasting my time. Either way, here are our Top 5 Iconic Ficti

Review: Moana

Moana is another Disney animated feature that distances itself from Disney’s norm when it comes to princess-material female leads (her story doesn’t even have a love interest!). It’s a lighthearted tale that focuses on finding yourself, never giving up, and never giving in to doubt, whether external or internal. The story could do better with the handling of its conflict, but it’s engaging enough in its other aspects to still be considered excellent. The story follows Moana (Auli’i Cravalho), a

Review: Finding Dory

13 years after the fact, Finding Dory arrives as the long anticipated/awaited, sequel/spin-off to Pixar studio’s 2003 classic Finding Nemo. Like its predecessor, the movie is heartfelt, focusing on themes such as family, camaraderie, and overcoming one’s personal adversities. It is the first film from Pixar since 2010’s Toy Story 3 (another prolonged sequel, funny enough) to surpass a billion dollars upon its opening; however, as lovable as the characters are, nostalgia might have been the bigge

Review #2: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In 1926, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), a wizard and magizoologist, has made a brief stop in New York City en route to another location. He brings with him a special suitcase whose absurd depths hide a trove of illegally smuggled magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. While traversing through New York, one of Newt’s said creatures escapes the confines of the suitcase and embraces its sweet, newfound freedom by causing surreptitious chaos. While miserably failing to be equally stealthy in c

Geeky Gift Guide 2016

The holidays are coming, which means Christmas is coming, which means presents! Yeah, sure, there’s family and friends and food, but… presents! There is always some level of joy in receiving a gift so long as it’s not one of those thoughtless ones that the giver obviously just wanted to get off their hands. Don’t be that guy. The best presents are the ones that are unique. Without further ado here is out 2016 geeky gift guide! These presents are perfect for the geeks in your life. When you’re o

Doctor Strange Film Review

Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a brilliant surgeon, and makes sure to let all his colleagues know it. He prides himself on only handling medical cases that would serve to boost his already inflated reputation and ego. One day, however, while speeding down the road in one of his many overcompensating luxury cars – something obviously routine – he searches his phone to find such a medical case. The result is a severe car crash (one that really should have killed him) that steals

5 Of The Most Dysfunctional Fictional Relationships

It’s perfectly normal for relationships to have quirks that raise a few eyebrows or general concerns from outsiders. In this regard, fictional relationships aren’t so different; they’re made up of people who are just as crazy as the rest of us here in real life. There are a few, however, that make the rest of us look rather tame by comparison. Here are our 5 most dysfunctional fictional relationships. Leave a comment below letting us know which fictional relationships you consider to be most dys

Kingdom Hearts HD Final Chapter Prolonged

Straight from the Tokyo Game Show, the latest trailer of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is, to sum it up in a word: awesome. The gameplay is smooth and enticing, and the visuals are nothing less than eye-candy. The project takes you on a glorious, joy-filled ride right up to the end… only to hit you with the release date. The trailer announces that the release date has been pushed back from early December of this year, 2016, to January of next, 2017. To be more specific, the game